Trick or Treat: Tips to Stock Up on Financial Treats

When it comes to money, you want treats, not tricks, here are a few financial tips to avoid tricks and boost up the treats in your practice’s overall finances: Differentiate a “Need” from a ”Want” It’s a bad idea to spend more than you’re bringing in. When deciding to make large equipment purchases for the…Read More→

  Is Charitable Dental Care Deductible?

Several dentists have asked us about what deductions may be eligible for the volunteer dental work they do for the community. We looked at a few scenarios and have come up with some guidance. A charitable deduction is not allowed for contributing services (time) for dentist (or anyone else) but they can deduct unreimbursed out-of…Read More→

QuickBooks Tips Reloaded- Part 2

Here is Part 2 of Deana’s QuickBooks Best Practices Tips: 4. Data Input One of the major challenges about maintaining accurate QuickBooks records is keeping the information organized.  When you have been in practice for a while and have a long list of clients, it’s easy to get busy and backed up with correctly organizing…Read More→

QuickBooks Tips Reloaded- Part 1

One of our Dental CPAs, Deana Jordan, posted an article in the January issue of Dentaltown magazine discussing QuickBooks: 10 Tips to Stay Organized and Efficient. We received so much great feedback from clients and others in the dental community who found the article really helpful. So we decided to further discuss Deana’s QuickBooks tips…Read More→