Dental Practice Purchase Checklist

We’ve been getting inquires asking if there is a checklist a dentist can refer to when buying a dental practice. And when asked, we deliver. Dental Practice Purchase Checklist

Should Dentist Buy This Dental Practice?

My background: I have been out of school for two years and it has always been a dream of mine to own my own practice. I am married with two kids and for the past two years I have been working for a corporate chain. I have learned a ton and consider myself ready. Hope…Read More→

Retiring Dentist – To Buy or Not to Buy….

Office info: – Upcoming bedroom community -Office on 2nd floor(above ground) and corner unit in small plaza, with good signage on the road (We can put another sign in window or on the building as well). About 10k cars traffic per day. Clinic has been at this place for 32 years. No advertisement done. Clinic…Read More→

Fair Price for Dental Practice?

I’ve been working at this practice for 2½ years; since it first opened. My boss built it with plans for someone else to work in it, but that fell through, so I’ve been the sole dentist there. I am talking to him about buying it but can’t decide if it is worth it. He wants…Read More→

Dental Office Purchase Questions – 100% Medicaid

I am planning to acquire a dental office which is a 100% medicaid practice. I have been handed over a copy of the P&S by the broker. I took some time of to go through the contents of the P&S and had a few questions to put forth before you. What is a fair compensation…Read More→

Dental Graduate Looking at Buying a Dental Practice

I am a new graduate, who originally thought I would just work in private practice as an associate, but recently I was approached about purchasing a practice. The practice is in a rural area, about 15 miles from the small town where I grew up. It is the only dental practice in the area; the…Read More→

Dental Practice Purchase Concerns

OK, here is the short story. Wife and I are endo. Wife has worked for about two years now in a FFS endo practice, I am finishing endo residency. We want to buy this practice together. It is located in a wealthy town (2007 data) average family income $164,486., average home value 780K. High level…Read More→

Dental Practice Purchase Question – Is the Practice Worth It?

I’ve been contemplating starting a brand-new practice from scratch or buying an existing practice. Here is a summary of the practice that is for sale: What was your budget for a start-up? -selling doctor is female and selling because she will be working for the state why did she decide to become an employee? -office…Read More→

Evaluate Three Dental Practices for Purchase Potential

Practice #1: Town of about 25,000 Asking price: $218,700 Practice Gross: $312,461 Hygiene: $56,300 Based on hygiene alone, typical doc production would be approximately $170k for gross of $226k, and doc refers out a lot. Will there be any real dentistry left for you to do? Older dentist working 3.5 days a week/ Been at…Read More→