Can Dentist Deduct the Cost of Washer and Dryer?

I was wondering if a washer and dryer is a deductible expense.  I work as an associate as an employee, as well as working at a nursing home once a week as a sole proprietor. A practice that purchases a washer and dryer to have in their office for cleaning staff laundry is certainly deductible. If you’re…Read More→

What Meals and Entertainment Deductions Can a Dentist Take?

I’ve read that this category (meals and entertainment deductions) is highly scrutinized by the IRS, so I want to get it right. There are two types of meals and entertainment deductions: 50% and 100%. I have a monthly meeting with my whole staff at a restaurant: 100%I have a monthly meeting with my whole staff at…Read More→

What Dental Expenses Can Be Deducted?

If I paid for CE in 2011 that I am going to actually take in 2012, do I deduct it out of my 2011 taxes or my 2012 taxes?  I also paid for 2012 membership dues in AGD in 2011, which tax year would that deduction fall under? You’re a cash basis tax payer so…Read More→