Welcome to the Profession!

If you just finished dental school, congratulations! You’re heading into a profession with strong growth potential, good work-life balance, and a variety of career advancement opportunities. It’s an exciting time to join a great profession.  Did you miss our recent post on why being a dentist is the best job ever? Read it here. Whether…Read More→

Dental Associate Agreements

Here is a guest blog post from our friend Carl Guthrie from ETS Dental. Associate Agreements (contracts) can suffocate us at a time we should be reveling in a new opportunity.  However, many dentists don’t understand what is in their contracts, in turn complicating the process and turning this joy of new opportunity into a…Read More→

Dental Associate Buy-Out Arrangement

A buyer approached me about an offer they received from their employer of 3 years to buy out one of the 2 equal shareholders, “sure”, I say “let me see the proposal”. The offer was $450,000 for 50% of a practice grossing $1,000,000 here’s the kicker, they wanted the buyer to buy STOCK ! My…Read More→

Dental Associate Agreements – Trust But Verify

I’ve been reading quite a few threads recently, NewDocs and on DT about folks trusting in their new bosses and believing that what’s been told to them in an interview is what’s actually written in their agreement, only to find out later that it’s not what they thought. Don’t take it for granted that what…Read More→