Work Life Balance for New Dentists

If you’re a new dental graduate preparing to enter the full-time clinical field for the first time, you probably have a lot of emotions: excitement, anxiety, exhilaration, and relief from the rigors and monotony of dental school. Once you get started, all that excitement and anxiety can be difficult to manage when you’re trying to…Read More→

Welcome to the Profession!

If you just finished dental school, congratulations! You’re heading into a profession with strong growth potential, good work-life balance, and a variety of career advancement opportunities. It’s an exciting time to join a great profession.  Did you miss our recent post on why being a dentist is the best job ever? Read it here. Whether…Read More→

Tips for Entering Your First Practice

You are out of school, and it’s time to begin your dental career. Where will you start? Have you found a place to work? As multiple questions run through your head, let’s discuss some tips that will help you navigate through the “what’s next” phase so you can start in the right direction. Gain Experience…Read More→

Expectations of Dental Associateships

Here is another guest post from our friends at ETS Dental. Associateships begin and fail everyday. Why do they fail so often? A simple way to answer this is that either or both sides failed to meet expectations.More specifically, the expectations were never even laid out at the beginning, so one side was letting down the other…Read More→