Mid-Year Practice Check-Up

You ask your patients to commit to twice yearly check-ups to maintain optimal oral health. Are you making the same commitment to your dental practice? Sure, you’re not focusing on oral health; rather, something much more important: your practice’s financial and managerial well-being. By the time you read this, summer is already half over, which […]

2010 Dental Overhead Benchmark – Our Observations – What has Changed?

We’ve started the process of compiling our dental practice benchmark statistics based upon 2010 data and the initial results compared to five years ago are a little surprising to us. Since 2005 the US economy has gone through a downturn, a recession by most standards, and we were curious to see how that may have […]

Dental Overhead that Should be Monitored Monthly

If you are just getting started, what are the top 5 or 10 things to measure? It’s really not that difficult to prepare your own monthly monitors to track the key statistics of your office so you can watch out for trends, both positive and negative. I know some offices do it weekly, I just […]

Calculating Dental Office Overhead

I am trying to work out the overhead at our office, because it is just ridiculously high. But I have a few questions: 1. Where do you place the doctor’s salary and benefits? Separate from ALL other expenses. Does that figure in to overhead for a practice where 2 DDS’s are co-owners? No, neither does […]