Selling Is Not Only For Those Facing Retirement

When discussing the topic of dental transition, people often assume that a prerequisite for selling your practice is retirement. This could not be further from the truth, dentists who’ve made the decision to sell their practice don’t have to be approaching retirement. In fact, there is no cookie cutter mold on of how old a…Read More→

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Sell Your Practice on Your Own

Though you’ve worked hard to build and grow your practice into the successful business it is today, handling the selling process on your own can be challenging. While we understand that you’ve put all the hard work into its success and you know all the ins and outs of production and operation, it is in…Read More→

QuickBooks Tips Reloaded- Part 1

One of our Dental CPAs, Deana Jordan, posted an article in the January issue of Dentaltown magazine discussing QuickBooks: 10 Tips to Stay Organized and Efficient. We received so much great feedback from clients and others in the dental community who found the article really helpful. So we decided to further discuss Deana’s QuickBooks tips…Read More→

Dentists – Charge the Batteries and Change the Scene

Here is another guest post from our client Dr. Lurie on his “Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned”. It seems to me that in the course of practice, there comes a time to charge the batteries and change the scene. This can be both physical as well as mental (emotional). Allow me to ramble on this…Read More→

What is the Difference Between a Dental CPA and a Standard Accountant?

What exactly does a “dental CPA” do that a traditional local accounting cannot?I’m not sure many of us can “do” anything differently. It’s more of what we know.They are not cheap… I’m paying $300/month for mine and then another fee for tax prep, which I cannot remember right now.That’s cheap!  🙂  Seriously, just telling us…Read More→