Internal Controls for Your Dental Practice

Dental practices of every size should have strong internal controls. Optimum financial performance is one reason, but more importantly, internal controls can prevent fraud. It’s estimated that three to five percent of revenue is lost to employee fraud or misconduct every year. How much is that, exactly? As an example, if a dental practice is […]

Making the Most Out Of Financial Planning

Did you resolve to make better financial decisions for your dental practice this year? Financial improvements are the third most popular resolution people make on January 1. It’s not too late to make progress for 2017. Use this guide as a starting point to set up your office for success. Tips for Financial Success from […]

Conventional Loan or Other for Dental Practice Financing?

Ok. So this is for my wife. She is looking at a couple of loans to do a buyout of a practice. We could do a conventional loan at roughly 8.25 percent or there is a variable one at 5.5 percent. We were also offered a loan which is locked for 6.1 percent for 5 […]