5 Tips to Prevent, Detect and Deter Fraud in your Dental Practice

Run your practice like you did when you first owned it.  Do you remember when you first purchased your practice and cash was tight?  You had a huge loan payment, payroll to worry about, equipment to purchase, and a waiting room that needed some final touches.  You not only knew your daily production, you knew…Read More→

Dental Fraud Checklist

Our friend Sandy Pardue from Classic Practice Resources has a brilliant checklist for a dentist to refer to in order to reduce the opportunity for fraud and theft in the dental office. You can view this dental fraud checklist here. For more information, please contact info@dentalcpas.com Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – sign up for our newsletter

Dental Fraud – In Tough Times, These Things Happen

Here is an interesting story about embezzlement in the dental office. Thanks to Teresa Duncan for first posting this on her excellent dental blog. Send your questions to Tim Lott, CPA, CVA at tlott@dentalcpas.com For more information or to sign up for our newsletter, please contact info@dentalcpas.com Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Dental Office Front Desk Fraud? Ask More Questions.

My husband and I practice together. We recently hired a new FD person who came highly recommended from a couple of references provided on her resume. Things have been going well thus far. I recently got a call from someone who stated they worked with her in the late 90’s and that she was fired…Read More→