Reviewing Fraud Prevention Tactics and Strategies for Dental Practices

It’s easy to assume that your practice is immune to fraud. Ignorance is bliss, right? This case study from the ADA might change your mind: A young, new dentist acquired an existing practice and decided to keep the staff intact. After all, they knew the patients, and the previous dentist trusted them. But on the […]

Examining Where Fraud Occurs in Dental Practices

Did you know that fraud in dentistry costs around $12.5 billion every year? We’re talking about filing false insurance reimbursements, intentionally miscoding procedures, and outright theft from the practice. Not knowing is not the answer. No one wants to have five percent or more of their practice’s revenue just disappear, not to mention how badly […]

Subscription-Based Dental Care On the Rise

Concierge health care is becoming more popular among doctors who want an easier way to serve patients without the hassle of insurance companies. In this newer model of healthcare, patients can select a membership plan with their general practitioner, pay out of pocket every month, and enjoy a range of health services at that office […]

Could Dentistry Disrupt Healthcare?

Healthcare and dentistry continue to evolve, and the intersection of the two has never been closer. As dentists, you already know how valuable quality dental care is to your patients’ overall health. And, with the continued doctor shortage, dentists could be well-poised to fill a needs gap for patients. What if you could work more […]

How The Floss Bar Is Innovating Dentistry

Continuing our series on innovative disruptions in the dental industry, we’re looking at what could be the future of dental hygiene: floss bars. Love them, hate them, or never heard of them, this trend could transform the way people receive basic preventative dental care. The Floss Bar offers an on-demand, potentially lower-cost alternative to traditional […]

How New Dentists Can Be Successful Associates

Did you recently graduate from dental school? Are you looking to enter your first practice as an associate? There is more to selecting a practice than sending your resume out, interviewing, and accepting a position. At least, there is more to selecting a practice that will allow you to become a successful associate.   If you’ve […]

Dental Summer Help: Should Your Kids Work for You?

It’s summertime! For dentists, that means you’re in the middle of your busiest months of the year. If you have older kids – teenagers in high school or college-age – who are home for the summer, isn’t it maddening sometimes watching them lay about while you work all day? Solve two problems at once: bring […]

Leading Women In Dentistry- Tips For Success

Dentistry is changing, for the better. However, women still face barriers to success based on decades of traditional gender roles in the workplace. Consider the following: Compared to a male dentist who owns a private dental practice, a woman dentist makes, on average, 34 percent less. Male dentists are 22 percent more likely to own […]

History of Women In Dentistry

This month, DentalCPAs is celebrating Women in Dentistry. Even though roughly half of dental school graduates are female, women still represent just 30 percent of dentists nationwide. In September, discussions on our blog and social media will focus on the contributions and unique challenges of women in dentistry. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn […]

Work-Life Balance For Female Dentists

We know the dental industry is changing. Take, for example, the rise in dental service organizations (DSOs) and group practices, an aging population, an increase in specialty practices, and the impact of technology. Did you also know that for the first time, the number of male and female dental school graduates is about equal? Women […]