Dental Practice Records Retention and Destruction Policies

Dentists and their staff maintain a significant amount of confidential, sensitive data on their patients. From payment information to health records, there are a lot of records to keep track of. When patients become inactive, move to a different practice, or simply as time passes, how do you know which records to keep and which…Read More→

Best Practices for Dental Websites

The website for your dental practice is like a virtual waiting room. It’s the online version of your practice. Just like your physical office, you want patients to find your website easily, navigate to what they need quickly, and close their browser window with the feeling that they had (or will have) the same positive…Read More→

Internal Controls for Your Dental Practice

Dental practices of every size should have strong internal controls. Optimum financial performance is one reason, but more importantly, internal controls can prevent fraud. It’s estimated that three to five percent of revenue is lost to employee fraud or misconduct every year. How much is that, exactly? As an example, if a dental practice is…Read More→

A Dentist’s New Year’s Checklist

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? Even if you didn’t, it’s hard to argue the proverbial clean slate and fresh start people often feel at the beginning of a year. You want your dental practice to thrive in 2018, but have you thought about how to do it? Here’s a quick checklist to print off…Read More→

Income Tax Planning for Dentists

                      As of this writing, it’s mid-November. Dentists should be utilizing year-end tax planning strategies to minimize their tax exposure in 2017 and take advantage of accelerated deductions. With tax reform on Congress’s agenda this winter, existing credits, deductions, and tax rates are up in…Read More→

Improving the Bottom Line Through Strategic Overhead Management

In recent posts, we’ve discussed how you can improve patient service through better dental practice performance. You should have a core understanding of what issues to look for, what certain numbers and metrics mean, and how to handle them. In our final post of the series, we’re giving you the key expense areas as benchmarks,…Read More→