Merging Two Dental Practices with Differing Amounts of Debt

I share a building with another dentist and his associate. We have discussed merging our practices. My concern is that I have much more practice debt than he does. Some of the debt is equipment/ operatory related and should not be an issue. But I have significant other debt related to start up and cash…Read More→

Merge Dental Practice in with a Specialist?

In my situation, things would be a bit different than the typical merger. I am mostly ortho with some general dentistry. I would like to do ortho only and refer the general dentistry to my partner. I get a lot of general work from people coming in for ortho so that would help feed that…Read More→

Dental Practice Merger Question

I am thinking of a looking for a local dentist to merge his/her practice with… I don’t really know much about this legally, contractually, etc. but I need some advice on how to start my search? What to do? Well, first things first, why? This will drive your decision on where to start and how…Read More→