Dental Practice Purchase Offer.

I have been negotiating with a local dentist for a couple of months and recently, we came to what I feel to be very fair terms for an associateship opportunity with a delayed sale. Associate for 2 years, paid 40% of production. I pay my own lab fees. CE $$ as well. After 2 years,…Read More→

Dental Associate Buying Out Older Dentist

I have a ‘hypothetical’ question on behalf of an associate friend of mine. In his situation, the owner is ready (sort of) to sell the entire practice, with the condition that he can still be some part of it. Basically, he doesn’t have a golf course or anything else to retire to due to his…Read More→

Dental Practice – Should I Sell, Merge or Stay?

I’m 42 and I’m two years away from completely owning my practice. At that point my income increases substantially. I was poor and in debt when I bought the practice (which was overpriced and underperforming.) Now, it’s productive but I’m questioning whether I want to stay. Right now I feel tired, burnt out, and not…Read More→