Dental Practice Purchase Checklist

Are you considering purchasing a dental practice? If so, here is a hot off the intertubes version of our digital dental practice purchase checklist. We’d love to get your feedback. Did we forget anything? Let us know your thoughts. Respondents are eligible for a Dental CPAs calculator.

What Information Should Dentist Ask for When Purchasing a Dental Practice?

I am seriously looking into purchasing a practice. I have been pretty unsuccessful in getting some documentation from seller doc. Can anyone tell me specifically what to ask for so that I can properly analyze the practice to see if it’s viable? The price is right, and it seems like a good fit, but I […]

Dental Practice Purchase Question

Gross average: 1.5 million Net: a little over 800k Patient active 12 months: 1800 NP/month: approximately 12 Building owned and for sale separately 8 chair practice 95% C&B, Implant and removable FFS+ Delta premier only Hygiene only generates 280k/year. I believe 8 hygiene days. Very little soft tissue management. Dentist takes a month off a […]

Need Dental Practice Purchase Checklist

I have only been out for 2 years now and an opportunity has come up for me to purchase my own practice… I am so excited but also scared! Ok…. I have no clue about what to look for, questions to ask, what I am purchasing into or getting myself into…. Can you please please […]