How to Buy a Dental Practice – Due Diligence

As dental CPAs, we often receive calls from dentists looking to purchase a dental practice. We have put together a series of videos to help dentists answer the question, “How Do I Buy a Dental Practice?”. In this video we discuss structure, tax implications, financial due diligence, space/lease issues, financing proposals, letter of intent and…Read More→

How to Buy a Dental Practice – Setting the Asking Price

Here is the next video in the “How to Purchase a Dental Practice” which addresses the process in setting an asking price for a dental practice. Send your questions to Tim Lott, CPA, CVA at If you’d like to be added to our Dental CPA newsletter, email Follow us Twitter and like us on Facebook

How to Buy a Dental Practice – Overview

We are frequently asked by dentists, “How do I purchase a dental practice?” To answer some of the basic questions, we have put together a series of videos. The first video, “How to Purchase a Dental Practice – Overview” can be seen here. Send your questions to Tim Lott, CPA, CVA at If you’d…Read More→

Retiring Dentist – To Buy or Not to Buy….

Office info: – Upcoming bedroom community -Office on 2nd floor(above ground) and corner unit in small plaza, with good signage on the road (We can put another sign in window or on the building as well). About 10k cars traffic per day. Clinic has been at this place for 32 years. No advertisement done. Clinic…Read More→

Dental Practice Purchase Price Allocation: Is Goodwill the Devil?

Sometimes we come across uninformed buyers that want the majority of their purchase price allocated to equipment because they can get an immediate tax write-off under Internal Revenue Code Section 179 of up to $125k and $250k in very recent years. However, part of our job is to understand and educate ourselves about the state/locality…Read More→

Fair Price for Dental Practice?

I’ve been working at this practice for 2½ years; since it first opened. My boss built it with plans for someone else to work in it, but that fell through, so I’ve been the sole dentist there. I am talking to him about buying it but can’t decide if it is worth it. He wants…Read More→

Dental Office Purchase Questions – 100% Medicaid

I am planning to acquire a dental office which is a 100% medicaid practice. I have been handed over a copy of the P&S by the broker. I took some time of to go through the contents of the P&S and had a few questions to put forth before you. What is a fair compensation…Read More→

The Ikea Way: The Wrong Way To Buy Or Sell Your Dental Practice

I came across this article about buying/selling dental practices from our friends at Wood and Delgado (dental attorneys) and thought it to be valuable. “Come to IKEA where you can afford brand new furniture at discount prices.” Your jaw hangs loose as you see the price pop up next to that new dining room table….Read More→

Two Options for Dental Pratice Purchase

I’ve been searching for a practice to purchase for quite some time. I’ve narrowed it down to two options. I’d appreciate some input on these. Option1: 2008 gross 703k overhead is 70 percent 1 full time hygiene, 1 part time(paid 30 and 33 percent of production respectively) staff overhead is 205k hygiene is assisted and…Read More→

Dental Practice Purchase Evaluation Questions

Long and skinny story: Two endo practices are for sale in a highly desirable major metro area. Practice 1: Wife has been working there for two years. She put in a lot of sweat equity. Practice is in excellent condition. Has digital, Zeiss microscopes, all the bells and whistles except a computer software package. Fee…Read More→