New Year’s Goals

With every New Year comes the opportunity to make positive changes. During this time, many of us can start with a clean slate and make shifts in the way in which we operate both personally and professionally. Now is the time to set new goals or revisit goals from the past that got pushed to…Read More→

Planning Your Dental Transition

For many dentists, owning your dental practice consumes the majority of your energy, finances, and professional life. Your practice is more to you than just a profession, its years of blood, sweat, and tears…decades of staff and patient memories. These factors have caused you to form an emotional attachment to your practice. For many dental…Read More→

Emotional Practice Purchases

Purchasing a dental practice is one of the most important decisions you will make during your professional career. It’s crucial that you approach decisions regarding this lifetime investment with a clear mind and full understanding of the value of the practice you are considering. Having a strong team of dental transition advisors helps alleviate some…Read More→