Emotional Preparation for Retirement from Dentistry

This is another guest post from our dear friend and client, Dr. Don Lurie. It seems to me that many of the doctors that I talk to as they prepare for retirement, are terrified.  Their anxiety is obvious after just a few minutes of conversation.  I am asked (being recently retired for 2 years): what […]

Mistakes Made… Lessons Learned in Owning a Dental Practice

Here is another guest blog from our client Dr. Lurie It seems to me that each person has a different reason or need to retire.  In my case, retirement came about due to age and illness.  My body told me that it was time to retire.  As I stated in my in an earlier blog, […]

Should Dentist Start a 401k Plan?

I met with our local Edward Jones Financial consultant thinking it would be wise to start a 401K. After going over my financials, he recommended that I consider a safe harbor 401K versus the traditional 401K. After digesting all the information and running numbers, I just don’t seem to get it. I understand you contribute […]

How Much Should a Dentist Spend and Save?

I was wondering how much one actually spends each year. It has nothing to do with what you make really. I’m going to start a defined benefit plan to dump some money so Obama can’t tax it and you have to commit to some serious change for contributions. Unlike profit sharing, you have to make […]