Life After Dentistry: Lessons Learned from the Archives (Part 1)

Throughout the years, we at N/L Transitions and Dental CPAs have been lucky to work with numerous outstanding dentists as they grew their practices and eventually retired. The transition out of dentistry is a process and has nuances that catch many retiring dentists off guard. We thought it would be timely to reprint some of…Read More→

Emotional Preparation for Retirement from Dentistry

This is another guest post from our dear friend and client, Dr. Don Lurie. It seems to me that many of the doctors that I talk to as they prepare for retirement, are terrified.  Their anxiety is obvious after just a few minutes of conversation.  I am asked (being recently retired for 2 years): what…Read More→

Should Dentist Start a 401k Plan?

I met with our local Edward Jones Financial consultant thinking it would be wise to start a 401K. After going over my financials, he recommended that I consider a safe harbor 401K versus the traditional 401K. After digesting all the information and running numbers, I just don’t seem to get it. I understand you contribute…Read More→

How Much Should a Dentist Spend and Save?

I was wondering how much one actually spends each year. It has nothing to do with what you make really. I’m going to start a defined benefit plan to dump some money so Obama can’t tax it and you have to commit to some serious change for contributions. Unlike profit sharing, you have to make…Read More→