Is a Traditional Practice or a Group Practice Right for a Dentist?

Here is another guest post from our friend Carl Guthrie at ETS Dental. Twenty years ago, the vast majority of dentists were solo practitioners who called their own shots and ran their own businesses. Today, group practices represent a significant percentage of the market and now provide an alternative to traditional solo practice. At this…Read More→

Dental Associate Agreements

Here is a guest blog post from our friend Carl Guthrie from ETS Dental. Associate Agreements (contracts) can suffocate us at a time we should be reveling in a new opportunity.  However, many dentists don’t understand what is in their contracts, in turn complicating the process and turning this joy of new opportunity into a…Read More→

Dentists – What to Know Before You Accept an Associate Position

This is a guest post from our friend Morgan Pace at ETS Dental. Finding a new associate position can be a daunting process for both new and experienced dentists. While making a good impression on an interview is important, it is equally important to learn as much as possible about the practice. Here is a…Read More→

How to Find an Associate Dentist Job

Here is another guest post from Morgan Pace of ETS Dental. Whether you are a dental student, an exiting resident, or just returning to the job market, the task of finding an associate dentist position can be daunting. This is an attempt to provide a centralized resource to help you land a job. For more…Read More→

Expectations of Dental Associateships

Here is another guest post from our friends at ETS Dental. Associateships begin and fail everyday. Why do they fail so often? A simple way to answer this is that either or both sides failed to meet expectations.More specifically, the expectations were never even laid out at the beginning, so one side was letting down the other…Read More→

Can a Dentist Announce That They Will Not Hire a Smoker?

Here is another guest post from our friends at ETS Dental, authored by Tiffany Worstell. We all know the effects that cigarette smoking has on a person; it has been shown for years in the media.  We have seen the yellowing teeth, bad breath, wrinkles, and probably know individuals that have had even more detrimental health…Read More→

The Secret Lives of Dentists

Here is a guest post from our good friend Morgan Pace of ETS Dental, the best dental recruiters we know of. The Secret Lives of Dentists I remember the first time that I ran into my family dentist in town rather than in his office. I was a teenager at the time, so I should not have been…Read More→