Building Your Dental Transition Dream Team

When most people dream about building their dream home, they envision all aspects of the home building process- the architecture, location, square footage, furnishing, etc. One of the first steps taken to convert the dream into a reality is outsourcing the job to a team of experienced professionals to build the home. The same process…Read More→

Six Things To Consider When Selling Your Dental Practice

LOCATION When a potential buyer is looking to purchase a dental practice, the physical location is one of the first considerations. The dental practice location is comprised of not only the actual address but the demographics and population trends of the area. Your dental practice is strongly affected by changes in the area, whether it…Read More→

What’s Involved in the Dental Transition Process? Part II

            Work with your Dental Practice Broker Choose a broker that represents YOU.  It is important that your broker does only single representation.  A broker cannot fairly represent both parties when each party has different goals, i.e. the seller wanting to realize the most net profit out of the practice…Read More→

What’s Involved in the Dental Transition Process? Part 1

Be Ready To Transition The most common reason dentists decide to transition is because they are ready to retire. Whether or not this is your reason, you should begin the planning process three to five years before your target retirement date. Divorcing emotional attachment will help you make smart decisions and be ready to make…Read More→