Buying the Perfect Practice Is Impossible

Do you know a new dental school graduate – or are you one yourself? There are a lot of mixed emotions: relief, pride, excitement, and nervousness just to name a few. Dental CPAs has been down this road with many young dentists and while we don’t profess to know exactly what you’re going through ……Read More→

Career Advice for New Dentists

What is the best advice you could give yourself, if you had to start your dental career over? What mistakes have you made (or seen), and how can a younger dentist avoid the same pitfalls? There is a litany of career advice out there for new dentists. Here, we compile some of the most popular…Read More→

How New Dentists Can Be Successful Associates

Did you recently graduate from dental school? Are you looking to enter your first practice as an associate? There is more to selecting a practice than sending your resume out, interviewing, and accepting a position. At least, there is more to selecting a practice that will allow you to become a successful associate.   If you’ve…Read More→

The Value of Personal Branding for New Dentists

This post is the final installment in our series for New Dentists. For other posts, visit the DentalCPAs blog. Even if you’re still in dental school, you can begin building your personal brand now. For new dentists, defining who you are as a dental professional can help you find patients, connect with employers, build your…Read More→

Work Life Balance for New Dentists

If you’re a new dental graduate preparing to enter the full-time clinical field for the first time, you probably have a lot of emotions: excitement, anxiety, exhilaration, and relief from the rigors and monotony of dental school. Once you get started, all that excitement and anxiety can be difficult to manage when you’re trying to…Read More→