10 Myths About Dental Practice Accounts Receivable

In the course of my career, I’ve advised many new buyers as they navigated purchasing a dental practice. Typically A/R is not included in the overall purchase price, and rather is a separate value agreed upon by both parties. How much do you know about what you’re agreeing to? Below I’ve highlighted some common myths…Read More→

Practice Acquisitions: Deciding Between a Partnership or Buyout

Recently a dentist asked me a question about practice acquisitions, as he thought there may be an opportunity to expand. His question, What is important to ask when deciding between a partnership or a buyout, is one that many dentists may find themselves asking as more seasoned dentists look to retire. Here’s the scenario. The…Read More→

Buying the Perfect Practice Is Impossible

Do you know a new dental school graduate – or are you one yourself? There are a lot of mixed emotions: relief, pride, excitement, and nervousness just to name a few. Dental CPAs has been down this road with many young dentists and while we don’t profess to know exactly what you’re going through ……Read More→

How to Conquer Leadership Challenges

It’s always great to hear about young dentists starting their practice, establishing a new partnership, or purchasing an existing practice.  While some dentists are more comfortable with embracing the change and smoothly transition into their new roles, others have difficulties. Sometimes it’s hard being the new kid in town or one of the youngest members…Read More→

How Kids Can Help Around The Dental Office

Here are some tasks kids can do in a dental office andor for the office at home. Make the goodie bags restock and organize the supplies when they come into the office Feed the fish tank in the office Clean & restock the coffeeteadrink bararea Straighten up the waiting room area, restock the magazinesreading material…Read More→

Production by Procedure Report in Practice Acquisition.

Here is a guest blog post from Dr. Richard Wyne, DDS The production by procedure report is a very simple report to review when doing your due diligence on a potential buying opportunity that offers a wealth of information. A quick scan allows you to gauge the size of the practice, search for fraud/malpractice and…Read More→

Witches Brew: Concocting a simple marketing strategy to grow your practice

The word “marketing” can have several meanings based on the perspective of the end user. While some view marketing as a sales effort with the primary role of gaining business, others use “marketing” to describe the overall promotion of a practice (the brand). Sales and positive branding are both important in overall practice growth. While…Read More→

Fraud Awareness in the Dental Office

At a holiday party, Dr. Savchuk ran into an ex-patient. He inquired as to how the patient was doing with her new insurance. The patient told him they had not changed insurance. They asked Dr. Savchuk, if he got his computer system fixed.