QuickBooks Tips Reloaded- Part 1

One of our Dental CPAs, Deana Jordan, posted an article in the January issue of Dentaltown magazine discussing QuickBooks: 10 Tips to Stay Organized and Efficient. We received so much great feedback from clients and others in the dental community who found the article really helpful. So we decided to further discuss Deana’s QuickBooks tips…Read More→

How Should Dental Supplies be Coded in QuickBooks?

So over the last 3 months, as we’ve had to purchase a lot more surgical instruments, cassettes, etc. to be set up for more implant-related surgeries (hard/soft-tissue grafting, extractions, all that stuff), we’ve been listing all the purchases in QuickBooks as Dental Supplies, rather than Equipment (Durable Goods).  This month alone that’s added about $2600, which makes…Read More→