There’s More to Selling Your Dental Practice Than the Price

Here is a post from Tim Lott, CPA, CVA and Ellen Dorner of NL Transitions, a Dental Brokerage firm. Far too many times when dentists are preparing to sell their dental practice, they are focused mainly on the price and may wind up overlooking many other issues surrounding the practice sale that are just as important, some even more important than […]

Mistakes Made… Lessons Learned in Owning a Dental Practice

Here is another guest blog from our client Dr. Lurie It seems to me that each person has a different reason or need to retire.  In my case, retirement came about due to age and illness.  My body told me that it was time to retire.  As I stated in my in an earlier blog, […]

Dental Practice Valuation Issues – What a Seller Can Do

During my many buyer representation engagements I tend to see some common issues when it comes to practice valuations that sellers could have avoided to help maintain their practice values. Here are some of those areas. 1. Clean Record Keeping: Remember, buyers and their advisors will be picking over your information, it’s like inviting someone […]

The Ikea Way: The Wrong Way To Buy Or Sell Your Dental Practice

I came across this article about buying/selling dental practices from our friends at Wood and Delgado (dental attorneys) and thought it to be valuable. “Come to IKEA where you can afford brand new furniture at discount prices.” Your jaw hangs loose as you see the price pop up next to that new dining room table. […]