Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

We take the guess work out of record keeping and allow you to focus on your practice profitability & dentistry craft.  Our DentalCPA experts will ensure the activity in your bank accounts and credit cards is properly recorded, your account balances are accurate, and your accounting reports are ready to use each month.  Using a format specifically designed for dentists, our bookkeeping process ensures your accounting records are a helpful tool you can use to manage cash flow and measure practice performance.

Our services include: 

We help you handle the complex aspects of bookkeeping like bank reconciliations, adjusting entries, payroll entries, and reconcile asset and liability balances such as loans and credit cards to their account statements.  All you need to do is record the activity in your bank accounts and credit cards. We may also complete minor recategorization of your transactions to the appropriate category within your books. With your accounts reconciled and your checkbook activity properly categorized, you will be able to use your bookkeeping software to produce financial reports to help manage cash flow and measure practice performance.

We take the hassle out of bookkeeping.  Our bookkeeping process allows you to spend your time running your practice while we handle your books.  We will record the activity in your bank accounts and credit cards and make any adjustments required to ensure your records are complete and accurate.  Our bookkeeping service allows you to review accurate financial data for the prior periods in a concise format that is specifically designed for dentist.  This allows you to very easily see important financial information such as practice overhead, cash flow, and loan balances.

 We can act as your bookkeeper, so you don’t have to. Our outsourced bookkeeping services will ensure your bills are paid, and deposits are properly recorded, allowing you to run accurate financial reports and stay up to date on your practice profitability and cash flow. We can provide complete bookkeeping and accounting services for your practice. We will prepare checks or E-payments to pay the invoices you approve. We will enter all other transactions, such as manual and electronic deposits and any other bank and credit transactions you have, including loan payments, and tracking depreciation on your fixed assets. In other words, we are your full-time bookkeeper.

If you manage your own bookkeeping, we will review your accounting records to ensure the categories you or your bookkeeper have used for income and expense transactions are properly categorized and confirm all account balances match their account statements. We will advise you on the corrections you need to make. Or, if you prefer, we will make the corrections and share tips for you to implement the next time

If you are new to QuickBooks Online, we can have one of our QuickBooks Certified team members assist you in setting up a dental-specific chart of accounts and establishing initial account balances. This service will establish a starting point for you to generate meaningful financial reports.

Once your QuickBooks Online balances are set-up, we can provide training for you and/or a staff member in your office who will be handling the bookkeeping. We can walk you through the steps needed to prepare and enter checks, make deposits, download bank and credit card activity, make journal entries, and prepare bank reconciliations so you can maintain your general ledger. This service will establish a starting point for you to generate meaningful financial reports.

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