Ongoing CPA Services

At Dental CPAs, we understand dentists prefer to focus on the internal aspects of their practice, whether it’s their clinical skills, HR issues, patient care, and patient growth, etcThese doctors rely on their CPA professional to assist them with the business side of the practice, whether it’s bookkeeping, tax advisory services, practice performance assessments or other compliance-type work that they don’t want to worry about.   

At our core, Dental CPAs provide a vast array of these ongoing CPA services that dentists can choose from to meet their practice management needs and budget. We can take the guesswork out of making important practice management and financial decisions to allow the dentist to focus more on the growth of their practice, not only in revenue, but in profitability as well.   

We at Dental CPAs, have the knowledge and experience of the business side of dentistry that gives our clients a valuable tool to use to expand upon their ongoing success.  Some of our services include: 

Bookkeeping and accounting services

We take the guess work out of record keeping and allow you to focus on your practice profitability & dentistry craft. Our DentalCPA experts will ensure the activity in your bank accounts and credit cards is properly recorded, your account balances are accurate, and your accounting reports are ready to use each month. Using a format specifically designed for dentists, our bookkeeping process ensures your accounting records are a helpful tool you can use to manage cash flow and measure practice performance.

Tax Services

Navigating the complexities of the tax code can be confusing- to say the least. Our business and individual tax preparation services make filing your income tax returns as painless as possible.

Financial Consulting

Our trusted financial consultants can help you evaluate your practice operations and provide you with valuable feedback and advice about your practice’s key performance indicators

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