Income Tax Services

Navigating the complexities of the tax code can be confusing- to say the least. Our business and individual tax preparation services make filing your income tax returns as painless as possible. Income Tax compliance begins with consistent bookkeeping. Business and individual income tax preparation and filings are included with almost all our ongoing CPA service packages.

No matter your corporate structure or size, we’ll work to minimize your income tax liabilities. Gain comprehensive, tax-efficient strategies and accounting for your pass-through entity’s business taxation and its impact on you as an owner, your family, and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Our tax services include:

This service provides the starting point for preparing a complete and accurate tax return. If you don’t use us for ongoing bookkeeping or accounting services, but would like us to prepare your business and personal income tax returns, we can review your general ledger and, if necessary, adjust your books to ensure your year-end account balances are reconciled to your accounting records. We will also provide you with the entries necessary to close your books at year-end.
We will work with you to develop income tax strategies to maximize your tax savings. Each year brings changes to federal and state tax codes. Those changes can be complex, but with proper planning, they don’t have to bring surprises when it is time to file your business or individual tax returns. Even if you don’t use our firm for financial consulting or bookkeeping services, we can schedule tax planning meetings through the year to discuss your current tax situation, project your tax liabilities, and implement strategies to minimize income taxes through tax-deductible expenses and other tax-favored wealth accumulation strategies which may be appropriate to your situation

We will prepare your individual, and/or business income tax returns (Partnerships, Corporations, S-Corporations). We’ve simplified the task of gathering the information needed to complete your return by providing a secure portal for you to send your tax documents and a tax organizer/questionnaire, which you can complete online.  Whether we are meeting in person or via the web, we try to make your part of the tax return process as painless as possible.

With the information you provide, we will maintain a schedule of your business fixed assets (machinery, furniture and fixtures, and leasehold improvements). This includes tracking depreciation and amortization on those assets, and record purchases and disposals to aid in preparing your business Personal Property Tax Returns.

Whether you engage us for ongoing accounting and consulting services or just want us to prepare your individual and business tax returns, we can prepare informational returns such as 1099s if you use independent contractors. We can also prepare business “Personal Property Tax Returns” as required by your state. 


IRS and state notices and audits can cause a great deal of stress. We act on your behalf when you receive a tax notice or a notice of tax examination, serving as liaison to the IRS and state tax authorities, and providing you with regular updates and action plans.

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