Dental Practice Seller Representation CPA Services

While we offer Dental Practice Brokerage Services at NL Transitions for those sellers who want assistance in listing their practices for sale and finding a buyer, sometimes a Dental Practice owner already has a potential buyer, maybe an associate and all they need are CPA services for selling assistance. Or, maybe the seller is preparing to sell their practice in the near future and simply wants and idea of what they can ask for their practice AND learn about practice performance issues they can improve upon BEFORE they list the practice to improve the asking price. Our team of Dental CPAs are equipped with a proven process that enables and prepares the seller to list and sell their practice when they already have a ready buyer. Here’s what we can do for such a seller:

We will review the selling practice financial information to help you develop the asking price for your practice. We will dig into the practice financial information to identify practice performance issues so that the seller might be able to improve upon those areas before they actually go through the selling process.

When developing a range of asking price we use industry standard valuation methods and formulas. We also consider the geographic region of the practice, whether it’s a “hot” sellers’ market or a “soft” market with very few active buyers. With practices collecting more than $1.5million, we will also consider the DSO demand for the larger practices and its impact on a possible asking price. With our decades of experience servicing the needs of dental practice owners and providing them with practice performance feedback, we’re able to provide the same practice performance feedback to prospective sellers. Whether it’s a general practice or a specialty practice like Ortho, Perio, Pedo, Endo or Oral Surgery we understand the financial aspects of these practices and the performance related issues that are just as important to the prospective buyers, sometimes even more important than the asking price.

Sometimes a seller wants to try and sell the practice themselves without the assistance of a broker – the DIY approach. In these situations, we can assist the seller by compiling the necessary information from the documents we’ve assembled to develop the asking price and create package to present to qualified buyers. This package will usually summarize and highlight the important aspects of the practice, including the asking price, summary details about the practice, and any other items to highlight the bright spots of the practice. We will also compile a due diligence package for those qualified buyers who sign a confidentiality agreement and want to pursue an offer on the practice.

This service provides assistance during the buyers’ due diligence review and assessment. We will be available to answer any of the buyers questions and provide further details about the practice. We will help you assess any proposals\offers you receive and advise you as to the best offer.  Additionally, we will assist in the negotiations of the letter of intent (LOI) offers. We may review the financial aspects of various legal agreements, proposed sale methods, associateship arrangements, allocation of purchase price, and other matters that are typically addressed upon the sale of a practice. This may include meetings, discussions, consultations, and analysis required to complete the transaction and achieve your desired results. We even make ourselves available thirty days after the closing for any lingering questions the seller may have about the transaction.

In situations where a seller may not want to rely on their current CPA, we can advise the seller on how the transaction will impact their income tax return in the year of sale and discuss other income tax strategies to achieve income tax positioning to the sellers advantage.

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