Forgotten Tax Deductions

  It’s estimated that most dental practices overpay their taxes. We don’t want yours to be one of them! There are several deductions where your dental practice could be saving money on taxes, even on everyday expenses. Two words to keep in mind when claiming dental tax deductions: ordinary and necessary. Both conditions must apply…Read More→

What’s Involved in the Dental Transition Process? Part II

            Work with your Dental Practice Broker Choose a broker that represents YOU.  It is important that your broker does only single representation.  A broker cannot fairly represent both parties when each party has different goals, i.e. the seller wanting to realize the most net profit out of the practice…Read More→

Practice GPS: Where Are You on The Roadmap to Transitioning?

Transitioning out of your dental practice can be tough if you don’t have a solid plan. This major milestone can often be stressful given the financial and professional importance. Whether the decision to transition is due to an emergency exit, a planned exit or just ongoing preparedness, it’s never too early to put a plan…Read More→