Collecting Money From a Dental Patient

I have a patient that owes me $2500. She was denied by Care Credit. Her ability to pay me is questionable. So here is my solution. Co-sign with her on Care Credit. I get my money. She pays them. If she defaults, I pay the balance to Care Credit then I begin billing her and add the interest to her bill. She likely will default with me as well, but now we are back to where we started plus some interest. What do you think people? Let’s not address how I got myself in the situation of her carrying such a large balance without a prior financial arrangement……we will save that for another day.

….then she tells two friends, they tell two friends, they tell two friends & all of a sudden you have all these new patients wanting you to co-sign for them……hey, is that a great marketing idea or what ?

I vote crazy……

This post first appeared on DentalTown.

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