The madness of last week is over and we know you have been evaluating your situation, reorganizing your life, and making decisions trying to find your balance during this new “temporary” normal.  Your head is likely spinning from all the information flying around the internet, webcasts, and from friends and colleagues.  We completely understand and hope that you at least took some time this weekend to take a deep breath and relax to focus on something more enjoyable.


Certainly, by now you have heard that the anticipated bill, the CARES Act has been signed into law.  This much-awaited Bill should provide the needed resources to you and your practice, as well as to your family, your practice team members, and their families to help everyone through these unprecedented times.


With this Bill (CARES Act) now signed into law, we at DentalCPAs are working diligently to read and digest the Bill in order for us to be fully equipped to provide guidance and accurate interpretations for you.  Interestingly enough, we have seen some noticeable differences in what we understand to be included in the final Bill compared to some of the information from other sources that have been flying around the internet, webinars, etc. during this past week.  While some of the information floating around lately has been helpful, there has been some not so accurate information promoted as accurate which has not been helpful at all.


We understand how the speed of information and misinformation permeates virtual communities.  Knowing this and how the truths, half-truths, and inaccuracies provoke anxiety, we believe the posture of waiting for the actual ACCURATE information and refraining from conjecture and speculation is the best rule of thumb.  If you are wondering why you are not receiving emails every day from us, it is for that very reason.  We hope you understand and are taking a little time to step back, reduce your anxiety, and digest ACCURATE information once fully legislated.


We are committing our full energies and resources to digest the CARES Act so we can provide guidance based on what is ACTUALLY in the Bill and what is an ACCURATE interpretation of what is in the Bill.  Also please understand, as with any Bill that has been signed into law, there will still be many questions and procedural issues yet to be ironed out.  It is not unusual for the government to continue to issue more explanatory guidance on areas that were not clearly written in the Bill.  Bear in mind that there may still be some gray areas, and everyone will be doing their best to interpret those areas and likely await further guidance.


As the week progresses, we expect to have more information to all of you regarding guidance and the resources available for you to take full advantage of certain aspects of this Bill. Once we provide this, our team will be prepared to assist you should you want or need more one-on-one phone consultations to answer questions you may have during this difficult time.


In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions.


Stay safe!