Dental Mentoring Equals Dental Outreach

Here is another guest post from our client, Dr. Donald Lurie.
It seems to me that part of the continuing attempt to
refresh and recharge our enjoyment of practice is the chance to be a
mentor.  In these times, there is an
obvious decrease in the ability to sit back and enjoy the practice of dentistry
and medicine.  Interference from many
sources,  stress of compliance, making
the numbers work are so problematic that the doctor can lose focus on one of
the things that brought him into private practice in the first place.  These are indeed difficult times.  The solo practitioner is almost extinct and
the mega practices have their own set of problems from a morale
One of the areas that I
found to be energizing and helpful was mentoring.  It started with teaching of residents in the
early years of practice.  This was a
great way to relate and to also keep current. 
As all teachers know, you learn more from teaching than as a
student.  Not only is it challenging, but
it is a great reward to bring the missing link to the “new doc” – experience.  To be in a group and acknowledge an “ah
ha” moment is so rewarding.  For
those who are fortunate enough to be in a university city with medical and
dental students, there is ample opportunity to give (and to relate).  You will find that the student is greatly appreciative
that you took the time to help and point the way.  You will also find that you return to the
office or to your home with an exhilarating feeling yourself – remember,
“it is better to give that receive.” 
From another view, these contacts become friends, referral sources, and
associates that may lead to other projects and outreach possibilities. This is
just another example of a means to refresh and recharge.
Knowing how good the feeling is to give a gift to someone, I
also had a grand time in mentoring patients of mine.  Actually, my staff also enjoyed it and
related to the mission.  There were
numerous opportunities where a young patient, entering college, had no idea of
his major or area of interest.  This was
an opportunity to chat and just become a friend and counselor. We would
actually make an appointment in a off time (lunch etc.) to meet and advise.  Did it happen every day?  No, but often enough that we were invited to
many graduations (and even some weddings). 
I am convinced that we know more than just how to be a good doctor and
this ability can be a wonderful way to have that “feel good” day or
moment.  So you want to talk about
marketing.  This, if done from the heart,
is number one in my mind. 
So, it seems to me that you can make some fun out of you
practice and have it actually become a source of an outreach program.
I would love to hear from you and share your ideas and
More Mistakes Made and
Lessons Learned next time.
Dr. Donald B. Lurie 
Phone:  717-235-0764