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I’ve got a small practice with 5 employees, and I’ve been doing the payroll and taxes myself with Quickbooks. I’m tired of doing it and thinking of having a service do it for me. I’ve talked with Paychex and they sound good for about 100 bucks a month I get full service tax and payroll. Anyone have any other recommendations? Anyone have any experience using Paychex?

As a dental CPA in a dental CPA firm I have a lot of experience comparing Paychex & ADP.

Back in the late 80’s when we decided as a firm that handling payroll processing was NOT in our best interest as a service we started researching which payroll firms we would want to refer our clients to.

Paychex was our choice & they received nearly all of our referrals for many years.

Occasionally clients have issues with them & sometimes it’s the clients fault, sometimes it’s the dedicated payroll specialists fault.

We’d then refer to ADP or some of the other local services, like Primepay.

Most can do a decent job, however, it does seem to me that we get more client complaints about ADP when compared to Paychex & MORE of our clients use Paychex.

We also found that ADP’s reporting after each payroll was too cumbersome for our clients, simply too much paper work which 75% wasn’t even usedlooked at.

Paychex reporting was much more streamlined & easier to read for most clients.

As a firm we used Paychex, switched to another local service, ADP bought them out so we wound up with ADP.

I wasn’t involved in the selection process, however, I do understand that the reasons why our firm initially changed was cost & issues with our payroll specialist.

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