Dental S-Corporation Questions

I just formed an S -Corp from Sole P….what can I write off in taxes from one and not from another? EX: health insurances, Dis ins, MP ins. In S-cop, I am an employee now, what can I give myself in benefits (ex. health Ins, dis. ins, MP ins) and still tax write off? Do I need to provide that do all of my employees?

Generally, from an income tax perspective there’s very little else an S-Corp offers that you can’t get from a sole-proprietor.

Why did you form an S-Corp in the first place? What were you looking to achieve? What benefits were you looking to gain and how do they compare to the additional costs of an S-Corp?

Seems to me that if you got advice on the reasons to form an S-Corp, that advice would have considered these questions AND the ones you’re asking.

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