Fair Price for a Dental Patient Chart

Can you comment on the price for a chart? I’ve heard $150 here in N.C. for a chart-only purchase. I know you’ve advocated a % of collections paid over years.

Sorry, there’s no real empirical data to provide any cold hard facts about the price of a chart. The reason is MOST practices that are sold are based on 100% asset sales and the allocation to goodwill usually includes the “charts”. However, it includes all the other intangible stuff as well so there’s generally NOT an allocation to just “charts”.

Beyond that, I know I’ve read where folks bought charts for a fixed $35 per chart and then there are the “chart” sales based upon a percentage of revenue over a number of years and those sales are rarely reported anywhere.

If I had to offer an opinion on a “fair” range for chart “value”, I’d start with your number of $150 and as much as $500, mid point being approximately $300-$350ish…..

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