How Kids Can Help Around The Dental Office

doctor talking to teenager patient at office

Here are some tasks kids can do in a dental office andor for the office at home.

  1. Make the goodie bags
  2. restock and organize the supplies when they come into the office
  3. Feed the fish tank in the office
  4. Clean & restock the coffeeteadrink bararea
  5. Straighten up the waiting room area, restock the magazinesreading material
  6. Help restock the kitchen after food shopping (kitchen in the office)
  7. Hand out brochures to businesses in the area andor cars when y’all go shopping on a weekend
  8. Stuff & Stamp envelopes for mailing
  9. Help pick out games & books for the kids for the waiting area (heck, you might ask them to test out the games to make sure other kids will like them 😉 )
  10. Take out the trash
  11. Wipe down all the counters, chairs, etc on the ptnt rooms
  12. Help design logos
  13. Help with social media marketing (fbtwitter pages)
  14. Model for brochures and other marketing pieces
  15. Scan documents for digital storage
  16. Shred documents after digital storage
  17. Update the company bulletin board with upcoming events/announcements
  18. Clean the corporate car
  19. For older Children, making calls to confirm appointments
  20. Director of office music and wall art (pictures)
  21. Social Media photographer
  22. Help maintain the home office
  23. Maintain the outside of the office, weed, pick up trash in the parking lot, clean windows, etc
  24. Use them in educational videos for the waiting area TV, youtube, FB, etc.
  25. Have them attend community functions with you helping with swag handouts, wearing logos, etc.