How Should Dental Supplies be Coded in QuickBooks?

So over the last 3
months, as we’ve had to purchase a lot more surgical instruments, cassettes,
etc. to be set up for more implant-related surgeries (hard/soft-tissue
grafting, extractions, all that stuff), we’ve been listing all the purchases in
QuickBooks as Dental Supplies, rather than Equipment (Durable Goods).
 This month alone that’s added about $2600, which makes our Supply bill,
as a percentage of expenses, look REALLY out-of-whack.

Is this the best way to do it, knowing that the costs will just disappear in
another month or so (we split them up over 3 months for cash flow purposes), or
is it OK to list them as Equipment, since they’ll last for many, many years.

If your locality has personal property taxes just be sure to
note when you’ve disposed of the instruments so you’re not paying property
taxes on them long after they’re gone.

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