Letter to Older Dentist About Selling Their Dental Practice

So here’s a question for older dentists that are starting to think about slowing down or selling their practice. How would you feel if you got a letter from a dentist you had never met looking for a practice to purchase? I’ve done everything that I know to do to find myself a practice with still no solid leads. I’ve thought about sending out letters to everyone that is nearing retirement age, but the thought of doing this makes me feel a little sleazy. Does anyone else share my same sentiments, or is this something I should consider doing?

Absolutely! We’ve assisted dentists with this strategy with success, nothing sleazy or desperate about it, it’s a smart strategy whether you’re looking for your first practice, a second location, or to merge another into your existing practice.

There are many doctors out there who have thought about cutting back andor retiring and don’t want to pay the brokers fee, don’t know how to proceed, don’t want to publicize their thoughts, etc. all they need is that one invitation to talk about it.

Good luck.

This first appeared on Dentaltown.

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