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Before you sell your dental practice, potential buyers look for many things: patient flow, location, and practice performance, to name a few. Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of dental practice value is positive cash flow, which you should be working to maintain as you approach the exit from your practice.   You should...Read More→

One of the most common questions we get at N/L Transitions is “What is my dental practice worth?” The answer is complicated and depends on so many factors, including many that are out of the dentist’s control. The simplest solution some use is to multiply the dentist’s net income by 1.5 times, or take the...Read More→

As you prepare to sell your dental practice, it’s important to have a qualified, dedicated transition team at your side. Simply choosing general advisors regardless of their specialty may seem harmless. For some dentists, choosing a general transition team has worked out fine. For most, though, a transition team comprised of dental experts yields the...Read More→

Although the right time to transition out of your dental practice is different for each dentist, the time of year does have an impact. Dental transition trends point to an increase in buyer demand early in the year. If your retirement funds are in order and you’re ready to retire, January may be an ideal...Read More→

  Halloween is right around the corner, and that means trick or treating, ghost stories, and scary costumes. Selling your dental practice in the wrong way can be scary, too. Whereas ghost stories and scary costumes pass with the season, falling into a transition pitfall can lead to permanent and unpleasant consequences. These are some...Read More→

As dentists, you encourage your patients to come in every six months for a check-up. You know that proper hygiene and routine dental care can often prevent many long-term and more serious dental issues. When is the last time your dental practice got a check-up? Especially if you’re looking to transition out of your practice,...Read More→

This post is the first in our new series, Dental Practice Exit Strategy. Are you closing your dental practice soon? Maybe you’re retiring, and this has been a planned transition. Perhaps you’re merging with another practice, or sudden recent health changes prohibit you from continuing. Either way, closing your practice can be stressful. You have...Read More→

Have you been busier than usual at your dental office – overwhelmed, even? You might be considering adding a new dentist to spread out the work more, or to grow your practice. But how do you know if it’s the best decision, and more importantly, the right time? As an experienced dentist and business owner,...Read More→

Are you looking to grow your dental practice? Perhaps you’re trying to add more patients, create demand for new services, reduce overhead – or all of the above.   Many factors outside your control will influence the selling price of your practice, whether it’s next year or five years from now. Factors include the quantity...Read More→