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Darryl A. Bodnar, CPA

Equity Member, Dental CPAs

  • Phone: 410-453-5500
  • Fax: 410-453-5522
  • Email:

Darryl provides expert advice on accounting, tax strategies, retirement planning, practice purchases & sales, practice ownership transitions and partnership matters, financial advisory services, employee matters, and helping clients with business and financial accomplishments and challenges that they face. Darryl also speaks on these topics that individuals, professional practice owners and business owners face from time to time. His tenure as past managing partner of the firm, current CFO and a member of the firm’s executive management team brings the finance, operational and strategic experience to help professional practice and business owners with issues that arise in developing and operating a successful organization. When he’s not earning great reviews from his clients he can be found riding his motorcycle on some back country roads or retreating to some quieter places in the mountains.