Recognition from our Peers – Dental CPAs

6 of our team members participated in a phone conference CE course yesterday on valuing dental practices. 2 of us do the majority of the valuations and I thought it would be helpful if others had some of the basic understanding on technique, tips, etc.

There were 3 conference call leaders & participants from around the country, no clue on how many particpated.

Anyway, about half way through the session they’re reviewing resources we as professionals can use for our valuation work and the topic gets to brokers. One of the session leaders speaks up about making sure you seek out dental specific brokers, not just any general business broker.

With that, another session leader speaks up & says :

“Great point. You should be looking for resources that are specific to dentistry. for example, I was surfing the internet this morning in preparation for this session and I came accross a CPA firm that focuses specifially on dental practices and from what I can see on their site they have decades of experience and alot of knowledge about the business of dentistry…., this is the type of resource you need to be searching for…dental specific.”

Our website hits took a HUGE jump after that session….


This first appeared on NewDocs.

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