Rehiring Dental Assistant Policy

I know many dentists have a policy of not re-hiring any former staff members under any circumstance. I’d like to throw out a situation I find myself in and get some feedback.

Long time employee who left on good terms a few years ago. She was probably the most clinically astute assistant I have ever worked with. Good personality overall and patients really liked her. She left to get into another field which didn’t work out and she has been back in the dental field for some time now. Her family has remained patients all throughout the time she has been gone.

On the negative side her attitude or I should more accurately say her “enthusiasm” for dentistry definitely deteriorated towards the end of her time with me although I somewhat attributed it towards her desire for another career? The reason she left was she felt that she was getting burned out on dentistry and this somewhat concerns me although she has stated that she has learned where she belongs and that is in dentistry.

This girl was sharp though and definitely knows her stuff! She has also stated that she regrets leaving and regrets learning that the grass isn’t always greener the hard way.

Part of me says yes but I also have a part of me that is hesitant? Anything regarding past employees that I should be considering?

I’ve never heard of that policy. We would certainly not re-hire someone we let go because of poor performance, or someone that left us in a lurch. However, if someone chooses to leave and they’ve performed well for us, we’d certainly consider them again. We just re-hired someone this past June who worked for us from 1992-1999. They left for more money at that time. They performed well for us, and left on good terms without leaving us in a lurch (like in the middle of tax season).
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