Selecting the Right Transition Team

As you prepare to sell your dental practice, it’s important to have a qualified, dedicated transition team at your side. Simply choosing general advisors regardless of their specialty may seem harmless. For some dentists, choosing a general transition team has worked out fine. For most, though, a transition team comprised of dental experts yields the…Read More→

Where to Open Your New Dental Practice: Location Matters

If you’ve decided to open a new dental practice or expand your current office, choosing the location is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Some factors that go into this decision are straightforward, like avoiding too much competition, but other aspects of choosing a location require more research than you might expect….Read More→

The Role of Restrictive Covenants in Dental Acquisitions

  Are you buying a dental practice? Even if you have a great relationship with the selling dentist, it’s still a business transaction. As such, you want to take measures to protect yourself and your future practice with restrictive covenants. Below, we outline the two main types of restrictive covenants – non-competes and non-solicitation –…Read More→

Buying a Dental Practice for New Dentists

Buying your first dental practice is exciting and a little scary. For young dentists, buying your own practice is perhaps the biggest investment you’ll make in your career. The practice loan and your student loan debt can seem overwhelming, but the payoff can be great and the chance to be your own boss is one…Read More→

Tips to Finding The Right Dental Practice

Many dental school graduates will pursue positions as associates. Dentistry is an increasingly competitive field, and many new dental graduates find out the hard way when it takes longer than expected to find a job. Whether your plan is to find a practice to buy into or you simply want experience, here are ten tips…Read More→

Buyer of A/R Beware

About a year ago we were engaged to represent a buyer in their efforts to purchase a dental practice. The transaction went fairly smooth and it was one of those engagements where the client wanted to try & handle much of the transaction themselves…or at least as much as they felt comfortable with. As the…Read More→