The Importance of Buyer Rep Planning – Post Sale

Most of the time when we get engaged to represent a buyer that’s purchasing or buying into a practice, the majority of our work is during the process itself. However, we do include a service that consists of post-closing income tax planning as it relates to the actual transaction itself that some buyers choose not…Read More→

Where to Open Your New Dental Practice: Location Matters

If you’ve decided to open a new dental practice or expand your current office, choosing the location is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Some factors that go into this decision are straightforward, like avoiding too much competition, but other aspects of choosing a location require more research than you might expect….Read More→

The Role of Restrictive Covenants in Dental Acquisitions

  Are you buying a dental practice? Even if you have a great relationship with the selling dentist, it’s still a business transaction. As such, you want to take measures to protect yourself and your future practice with restrictive covenants. Below, we outline the two main types of restrictive covenants – non-competes and non-solicitation –…Read More→

Buying a Dental Practice for New Dentists

Buying your first dental practice is exciting and a little scary. For young dentists, buying your own practice is perhaps the biggest investment you’ll make in your career. The practice loan and your student loan debt can seem overwhelming, but the payoff can be great and the chance to be your own boss is one…Read More→

Buying a Dental Practice and Wondering if Overhead was Adjusted Properly?

There’s a great thread on about why buyers should NOT pay for potential and projections. Part of the discussion revolves around normalizing cash flow, particularly the overhead of the practice. This prompted me to write a blog post to help potential buyers evaluate a seller’s cash flow specifically with overhead. Over the past 25…Read More→

Dental Practice Purchase Checklist

Here is a helpful checklist of the things that a dentist needs to consider when buying a dental practice. For more information, see our new website:

Dental Office Purchase Questions – 100% Medicaid

I am planning to acquire a dental office which is a 100% medicaid practice. I have been handed over a copy of the P&S by the broker. I took some time of to go through the contents of the P&S and had a few questions to put forth before you. What is a fair compensation…Read More→