Dental Practice Purchase Checklist

We’ve been getting inquires asking if there is a checklist a dentist can refer to when buying a dental practice. And when asked, we deliver. Dental Practice Purchase Checklist

Should Dentist Purchase this Practice?

The dentist is willing to take $335,000 down and lease equipment for $50,000. The practice broker is not very happy and he demands the seller to pay commission on total $385,000. The seller is backing out. The office has 5 ops, paperless, digital, gross production of $515,000, equipment is 5-7 years old. The dentist had…Read More→

Compare Two Dental Practices for Sale

I am about to finish a GPR and was hoping you could give me a little input on whether either of these options sound good. Option 1 is a brand new, state of the art practice in a growing rural area. The practice grossed around 800k last year and has about 45 NP a month….Read More→

Dental Practice Buy-Out Question

Looking for advice on future practice transition….let me give you some background… 1. I worked as an associate for 3.5 years. Through the help of the owner (a great guy), he helped me grow my patient base to about 1,400 active patients by giving me most of the new patients. He brought me into the…Read More→