The Dental Independent Contractor Status Draws Scrutiny

Independent contractors are valid in various industries given the proper circumstances, including dentistry. However, the government has and will continue to look for abuses of the classification where employers attempt to use the classification to avoid employment taxes. People who wish to be considered independent contractors (IC) should arrange their circumstances so that their case…Read More→

Dentist Has Questions about Who to Send 1099s to.

I know you have to give independent contractors 1099’s when you pay them over $600 in a year. However, I cannot find a solid definition of what an independent contractor is. I know a corporation is not an independent contractor and does not require a 1099. What about LLC’s (single member disregarded entities and those…Read More→

Should Dentist Remain an S-Corp or Convert to Sole Proprietor?

Currently I am the only employee of my own S-Corp. The only advantage I see being in a S-Corp is the limited liability? Is that right? I’m considering dissolving the S-Corp and go back to the sole proprietor 1099? I’m paying my accountant about $2000 a year just to file the quarterly tax, monthly IRS…Read More→

Dental Associate Paying Assistant as 1099, Right or Wrong?

I work in an office on weekends as an independent contractor and there is an assistant who is also works only weekends. The owner pays me 45% collection (as opposed the usual norm of 35%) but wants me to pay the assistant myself by a check from me. Should I get her to sign a…Read More→