Dental CPAs Q&A: Comparing Start-Up vs. Buying an Existing Dental Practice

I was talking with a young dentist recently who was debating the pros and cons of opening her own practice and starting from scratch or buying an existing dental practice where the variables are known. For anyone who’s been in this position before, you know there’s no easy answer. There will be unknowns in both […]

Grow Your Dental Practice in the Upcoming Year with a Business Plan

Below is a guest post from our friends at ETS Dental, be sure to contact them for all of your dental recruiting needs.  The theme of my articles around this time of year always revolves around planning and goal setting.  Like it or not, we are just 60 days away from the end of 2012.  It’s in […]

Dentist Developing Business Plan has Questions about Average Charges

I used 183 for an average charge for new visit and 130 for an average charge for recall on my business plan.  The 183 was referenced to an ADA report somewhere I found on the internet….the 130 was my adding up the UCR of my area for recall typical procedures…. But I have a problem […]