Do CPAs Have a Higher Profit than Dentists?

A buddy of mine is a CPA, and his real profit margin is way higher than ours. The difference between them and us is that they know how to legally write off more than we do, put the profit they make in retirement trust accounts, and utilizing actuaries to help them calculate out how much…Read More→

Creative Dental Compensation Ideas

I was reading a post on and saw your reply regarding new doctor compensation: “Good topic. One way new doctors can find out what the compensation is like in their specific area is to seek out the dental specific professionals, like attorneys, CPAs, consultants, etc. who represent dentists and know what’s going on. They…Read More→

Dental Compensation Scenario

Just looking for some feedback on this arrangement. It’s a true arrangement but I’m simplifying it to make things easier. Current associates get a base pay $1000/day plus a percentage of production approximately equal to 40% of what you produce above $2200/day (that $2200 number does come from somewhere but this is the part I’m…Read More→

Increased Compensation Models for Dentist in Office

I have purchased a practice a couple years ago, and the previous owner (who I get along with great and couldn’t be happier that he is still around) is now requesting that he increase from 30% production to 40% production. The reasoning is fairly deep, but I’ll give somewhat of an explanation……. He does regret…Read More→

Unique Dental Practice Purchase Offer

Senior Doc opening a new practice 7 miles away from the old office and offers to go 50/50 on the cost of the startup and the net profits at the end of every year + 55/hr (goes up if production gets pumped) + no management responsibility – the senior doc will NOT work at the…Read More→