The Independent Contractor Status Draws Scrutiny in Dental Practices

The government does not hold any grudges against independent contractors. Employers who attempt to avoid paying employment taxes by falsely classifying employees as independent contractors are another story. The government doesn’t like anyone who evades paying taxes. Independent contractors are valid in various industries given the proper circumstances, including dentistry. However, the government has and…Read More→

Should Dentist be an Employee or Independent Contractor?

As I am looking for a new job, I have seen some positions that are asking for the Dentist to work as an Independent Contractor. My previous associate positions have been as an employee so I am not too familiar with an Independent Contractor position. I am looking for some big pros and cons to taking a position as…Read More→

W-2 or IC for this Orthodontist?

Hello, I was initially offered a full time job at this big office as an employee orthodontist. Paid on collection. However I was told by my financial advisor to ask to independent contractor and even though they did not prefer that but they did offer higher % on collection and I will be responsible for…Read More→