Five Ways to Help Dentists Save on Taxes

It’s tax season again, and soon you will be meeting with your dental CPA to prepare and file your 2017 tax return (if you haven’t already). Whether this is your first tax season as the owner of a dental practice or your 25th, taxes remain a stressful and time-consuming process for many dentists. We’re here…Read More→

10 Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice

Here is a guest post from our friend Mike Pedersen of AZNetMarketing.  Most dentists I talk to have a strong desire to grow their dental practice. Many have even hired so-called SEO gurus, website designers, local ranking experts, and consultants, but with very little success. With the competitive landscape for most business niches, dental is no…Read More→

Promoting your Dental Practice when the Economy Slows

Here is a timely article from our friends at New Patients Incorporated. Economic Reality We do understand that certain areas of the country have been impacted more than others. Michigan, Ohio, the Buffalo/Rochester New York corridor, Las Vegas, parts of southern California, and other parts of the country have been hit harder than most. If…Read More→

Dental Marketing Tips

Below is an article from our friend Debra Seidel-Bittke, founder of Dental Practice Solutions. “Six Degrees of Separation” I began thinking that in this new world we live in, we’re all just a Google search away from one another. We live in a world now where we’re all intrinsically connected. Suddenly, everything you say becomes…Read More→