Don’t Be So Quick to Turn Your Head on High Overhead

So you’re in the market looking to buy a dental practice, and you’ve seen information from brokers with summary practice information. As you’re looking at the overhead information, you think that some of the OH stats look really low and that must be great, and some look really high, and that must be terrible, so…Read More→

Dental Overhead Benchmarks by Category

A dentist recently asked us what the typical overhead percentages should be for an office by categories. Here are two helpful spreadsheets we came up with: Dental Overhead Benchmarks (based on production) and a Dental Overhead Benchmarks (based on collections). For more information, please contact   Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – sign up for our newsletter

Dental Overhead that Should be Monitored Monthly

If you are just getting started, what are the top 5 or 10 things to measure? It’s really not that difficult to prepare your own monthly monitors to track the key statistics of your office so you can watch out for trends, both positive and negative. I know some offices do it weekly, I just…Read More→

Increased Compensation Models for Dentist in Office

I have purchased a practice a couple years ago, and the previous owner (who I get along with great and couldn’t be happier that he is still around) is now requesting that he increase from 30% production to 40% production. The reasoning is fairly deep, but I’ll give somewhat of an explanation……. He does regret…Read More→